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VIDEOLOOP.TV was created by MATTH & JOHN'C

Both perform on stage as BIGMAP.TV

Live performance, video mapping, stage design & theater scenography.

More info:

MATTH - Graphic designer in the field of new media since 20 years, after studies in interior design, Matthias Grau has developped skills and a vision that made him an internationally renowned artist.

One of the first to work on live video creation in the Geneva area. Matthias joined the GarageCube team to develop the interface of the Modul8 software, which has since established itself as a reference.

He was also part of the organizing team of the Mapping Festival. He was invited to perform in important events, such as Caprices Festival and Montreux Jazz in Switzerland, Mutek Festival in Montreal, Sonar in Barcelona…

JOHN'C - Illustrator, painter, photographer from an early age, and after training of Graphic Designer, John'C Salansky is specialized in the field of 3D animation of the moving image in general [video, motion graphics, fx, multimedia, vjing and mapping]. it was like Matthias, one of the first to work on the creation of video mapping in the Geneva area. He often worked in various events such as Caprices Festival and many evenings Electronic on Geneva and Switzerland.

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